Salesforce Integration Training(Advanced Apex) by Krishna Teja

Salesforce Integration Training(Advanced Apex)

Unleashing the actual capabilities of platform.


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What's included?

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Chatter API
Understanding and building functionality with Chatter REST API
11 mins
Integrating Salesforce with Youtube
Managing API Key's
7 mins
Making HTTP Callouts & handling response
5 mins
Parsing JSON HTTPResponse
16 mins
Using Wrapper Classes to strip JSON Response
8 mins
Iteration through Wrapper Class Dataset
5 mins
Making the Search Component Dynamic
3 mins
Integrating Salesforce with
Creating client id and client secret with
5 mins
Handling Authorisation code after successful login and handling redirect URI
6 mins
Exchange Authorisation code for Access Token
9 mins
Fetching list of all files of a folder in with Authorisation code
7 mins
Slam Dunk Integration using Connected Apps
Purpose of Connected Apps?
8 mins
Integration using Web Server Flow
14 mins
Integration using Username & Password Flow
5 mins
Named Credentials
Integration using Named Credentials - part 1/2
24 mins
Integration using Named Credentials - part 2/2
8 mins
Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On, why and how?
17 mins
Things to know about Registration Handler
15 mins
Auto Created Registration Handler Apex classes
8 mins
Understanding the URL in SSO
7 mins
Enabling SSO for communities
4 mins
Creating REST API with Apex Framework and consuming it
8 mins
Creating REST API with JSON response using Apex Framework
2 mins