Lightning Web Components by Krishna Teja

Lightning Web Components

LWC ripped apart. 

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  • Learning Lightning Web Components in the easiest way possible.
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  • Around 75+ episodes course.
  • Yeah Yeah! Am coming there. Like always after the course we will be looking at building a fully functional product .
  • Most concise screencasts on Lightning Web Components. 
  • Best effort has been put in not to waste even a single minute of yours. Trust me I spend countless hours in editing the episodes to save your time.
  • Extremely well recorded videos - recorded in 1920X1080p resolution.
  • Top quality Audio.   
  • If you are here for PPT's ahem ahem, then you are not going to like this series. 

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What's included?

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3 mins
Setting up the Development Environment
10 mins
Understanding Folder Structure
9 mins
Modules in ES6 and LWC
11 mins
Data Binding
6 mins
Decorators for properties
9 mins
Data flow in Lightning Web Components
4 mins
Setter and Getter methods
8 mins
Iterators in LWC
8 mins
Invoking methods on child components
13 mins
Coding Challenge #1 Building a basic Notepad App
9 mins
All about Slots
12 mins
Lifecycle Hooks
6 mins
Hooks in LWC vs Renderer in Aura Components
2 mins
Shadow Dom Web Standard
4 mins
How to dispatch and handle events
8 mins
How Event Retargeting works?
4 mins
Event Propagation in JavaScript
8 mins
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