Javascript for Lightning Web Components by Krishna Teja

Javascript for Lightning Web Components

By now you would have know that Lightning Web Components is around the corner and you would need good command on JavaScript concepts to write better Components. 

What can you expect?

  • Most concise screencasts on JavaScript. 
  • Best effort has been put in not to waste even a single minute of yours. 
  • Extremely well edited videos - recorded in 1920X1080p resolution.
  • Top quality Audio 
  • If you are here for PPT's ahem ahem, then you are not going to like this series. 
  • Only the JavaScript concepts that you would need to write better Components. 

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos


4 mins
Few fundamentals
3 mins
A little about versions
2 mins
Creating variables using var, let and const
9 mins
Lexical Grammer
8 mins
DataTypes in JavaScript
4 mins
Object Type in JavaScript
8 mins
Regular Function, Function Expression, Named function expressions and Arrow Functions
2 mins
Arrow Functions
8 mins
Destructuring Objects & Arrays
9 mins
All about Loops
11 mins
What's Variable & Function Hoisting?
4 mins
Rest Operator, Spread Operator & Differences
5 mins
Everything you need to know about Arrays
18 mins
Immediately Invoked Function Expressions [IIFE]
2 mins
this keyword in JavaScript
5 mins
continue and break
3 mins
Map Object in JavaScript
8 mins
Set Object in JavaScript
5 mins
Event Listeners in JavaScript
12 mins
A few things about Promises
17 mins
Things to know about Async-Await
6 mins