Integration Training (501) by Krishna Teja Integration Training (501)

Unleashing the actual capabilities of platform.


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What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos


Chatter API
Understanding and building functionality with Chatter REST API
11 mins
Integrating Salesforce with Youtube
Managing API Key's
7 mins
Making HTTP Callouts & handling response
5 mins
Parsing JSON HTTPResponse
16 mins
Using Wrapper Classes to strip JSON Response
8 mins
Iteration through Wrapper Class Dataset
5 mins
Making the Search Component Dynamic
3 mins
Integrating Salesforce with
Creating client id and client secret with
5 mins
Handling Authorisation code after successful login and handling redirect URI
6 mins
Exchange Authorisation code for Access Token
9 mins
Fetching list of all files of a folder in with Authorisation code
7 mins
Integrating with third party platforms
Integration of with
(1h 14m 16s) & FB Single Sign On
32 mins & Google Maps Integration
33 mins Streaming API Integration
33 mins & Page Tab Integration
38 mins Integration with Java
35 mins
Creating REST API with Apex Framework and consuming it
8 mins
Creating REST API with JSON response using Apex Framework
2 mins & JQuery
45 mins & Twitter Bootstrap Integration
36 mins
Create Shortcut keys in VF
23 mins


Who should take this course?

Anyone who has basic understanding of Apex and Visual Force, who wants to build literally anything using platform can take up this course.

Why should I take this course when I know basics of Apex and Visual Force?

Basics of Apex and Visual Force is used to customise the available platform. We can just extend the capabilities of the platform where as with Integration we can make two way data transfer possible. Almost all client projects require salesforce integrating with other 3rd party enterprise platforms.

Is java a pre-requisite to take up this course?

It’s not a mandate to have knowledge on Java, having said that its an added advantage if you have basic understanding of some java concepts. Hardly any concepts of OOPs will be used and even before they are used we will be focusing on detailed explanation about it.

I know only basics of Apex and Visual Force, is this course for me?

Yes, this course is all about building strong expertise on Apex and Visual Force unlike trying to understand how to use Apex/VF and how it works. If you have no idea about these technologies I would suggest you to take up my Development Training (401)

How long do I have access?

Lifetime. Once after you take the subscription you will be given lifetime access. Also when new content is added to the course you will also be given automatic access to it.

What about the cancellation policy?

Unfortunately there is no refund policy. You can go through the intro video and you will be getting a clear picture of how the course is going to be and then you can subscribe for it.

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