Salesforce Administration Training by Krishna Teja
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Salesforce Administration Training

Build production level functionality before you finish your coffee : )
Enrollment is closed


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What's included?

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Apps, Objects, Fields and Validations
What is
58 mins
Introduction to Apps and creating them
18 mins
Exploring Objects and Fields
50 mins
Lookup Relationship & Master Detail Relationship
48 mins
LookUp relationship vs Master Detail Relationship
4 mins
Many-to-Many Relationship
25 mins
Page Layouts
Exploring Page Layouts
14 mins
Custom Buttons, Custom Links, List Buttons
Custom Buttons & Links
19 mins
Custom List Buttons
6 mins
Search Layouts, Lookup Layouts, Tab View and List View Layouts
Layouts Inside Out
11 mins
Understanding Validations
15 mins
Sharing & Security Rules
19 mins
Org Wide Defaults
10 mins
Role Hierarchies
13 mins
Public Groups
15 mins
Manual Sharing
5 mins
WorkFlows and Approval Process
Workflows & Approval Process
Reports and Dashboards

Netflix for Salesforce

There may be a good chance you may already know me. If you don't, here I am. A veteran in the SFDC community and ex-engineer at Having spoken at a lot of meet-ups and conferences does make me an evangelist of An evangelist of anything I believe by birth and having coded 100+ prototypes, gives me enough credibility to at least train people on this kickass platform.

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Why should I learn this? which in a way brought Cloud Computing into lime light is the worlds No #1 CRM. You can build apps using their very easy point and click/drag and drop interface. There is no other platform in the world with which you can build production level apps so easily without writing even a single line of code. Also sky is the limit when it comes to better career opportunities.

Who can learn this?

Anyone from tech, marketing, customer support and any other background can take up as this module doesn't involve any coding.

Do I need coding skills to learn this?

Absolutely No! Thats the beauty of the platform. 

What about the cancellation policy?

Unfortunately there is no refund policy. You can go through the intro video and you will be getting a clear picture of how the course is going to be and then you can subscribe for it.