Salesforce Administration Training by Krishna Teja
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Salesforce Administration Training

Build production level functionality before you finish your coffee : )
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What's included?

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Apps, Objects, Fields and Validations
What is
58 mins
Introduction to Apps and creating them
18 mins
Exploring Objects and Fields
50 mins
Lookup Relationship & Master Detail Relationship
48 mins
LookUp relationship vs Master Detail Relationship
4 mins
Many-to-Many Relationship
25 mins
Page Layouts
Exploring Page Layouts
14 mins
Custom Buttons, Custom Links, List Buttons
Custom Buttons & Links
19 mins
Custom List Buttons
6 mins
Search Layouts, Lookup Layouts, Tab View and List View Layouts
Layouts Inside Out
11 mins
Understanding Validations
15 mins
Sharing & Security Rules
19 mins
Org Wide Defaults
10 mins
Role Hierarchies
13 mins
Public Groups
15 mins
Manual Sharing
5 mins
WorkFlows and Approval Process
Workflows & Approval Process
Reports and Dashboards