Understanding Lightning Framework

Understanding Lightning Framework
Why did Salesforce come up with Lightning Experience
6 mins
Configuring the Org to use and create Lightning Experience
6 mins
Getting started with Components and Apps
18 mins
Advantage of components?
1 min
Getting started with Attributes and Expressions
16 mins
Mastering Action Handlers
15 mins
Elements in Salesforce Lightning Design System
21 mins
Mastering <aura: ___ /> tags
20 mins
Understanding the concept of Interfaces in Lightning Framework, by building a component
6 mins
Understanding controller on Server side
10 mins
Fetching list of records and displaying them using Lightning Framework
14 mins
Beautifying a component so that its in sync with Lightning Experience
12 mins
Building a custom search component with Lightning Framework and custom code
22 mins
Mastering Lightning Tags Part-1
17 mins
Mastering Lightning Tags Part-2
18 mins
Saving a record using Lightning Framework and custom code
17 mins
Navigate from one component to another component passing query string
13 mins
Creating components dynamically with Javascript using $A global value provider
9 mins