Build Real Projects with Lightning

Whose not interested in building real projects? Why the wait then .. Lets get started.
URL Shortener App
Building URL Shortener from scratch using REST API
17 mins
Beautify URL shortener - sneak peak into Lightning Grid System
8 mins
Coding clone with Lightning Framework
Getting started with creating a subreddit and a grid view.
8 mins
Introducing Data Attributes and handling navigations in clone.
13 mins
Making Subreddit details page functional using Attribute Syncing
19 mins
Implementing Upvote and Downvote functionality
12 mins
DOM Traversing in Lightning Framework.
21 mins
Schema for fully functional Voting Component
4 mins
Datastore of the voting data
8 mins
Bug Fixes - Part 1
8 mins
Bug Fixes - Part 2
13 mins
Building Search Component from Scratch
16 mins
Adding Keyboard Shortcuts(Access Keys) to interact with Lightning Tags
2 mins
Working with Key Codes in Lightning Framework
3 mins
File Uploader
Bulk file uploader component
12 mins
Hacking DataTable Component
Exploring Features, Limitations and Work arounds.
14 mins
Custom DataTable with Picklist field - Part 1
8 mins
Custom Data Table with Picklist field - Part 2
8 mins
Custom Data Table with Picklist field - Part 3
10 mins
Processing JS object to display data in custom format - Part 4
4 mins
Custom Data Table with Picklist field - Part 5
2 mins